This is Quintessential

Years have passed since our very first engagement with technology and entrepreneurship. The journey has been wonderful, challenging full of ups and downs, as everything in life. Dreams and lifetime decisions are always being shaped by moments of struggle and infinite devotion in solving the real and big problems out there. Different people, experts on critical fields in the Tech and Business Industry, fuelled by passion, armed with experience, skill and devotion, joined forces officially to strive for one common goal: to create a Tech Company that produces and delivers excellent software products for private, in-house use and third-party stakeholders.

The Founders

  • Alexandros Daskalakis

  • COO

    Mathematician. Fascinated by technology and business since ever. 20 years of proven experience in business development. Worked in Construction, Publication, F&B and Tech industries. Entrepreneur, Consultant, architecture & design enthusiast, former sportsman.

  • Kostas Kopanidis

  • CEO

    Chasing storms and enjoying the sunshine. Always strive for the best, one mistake at a time, trying to get better at being a better me. Technology, business, innovation, passion and lots of coffee.

  • Socrates Charisis

  • CDO

    Designing oceans, surfing on their waves. A storyteller, knowledge seeker, creative designer, brand developer, sports freak, entrepreneur. Deeply engaged with the startup mentality. Currently in the pursuit of greatness.

The bigger the dream, the most important the  team

A business is nothing without the people who put on loads of works in the backstage. While the C table is working hard and also talking about the vision, it is the whole team that will shape the fate of the dream.If the scope is to create a company that ensures quality, stability and stands as a facilitator and innovator in the industry, then you have to make sure, that the people that put work for that company, are all shinning bright.  You can’t realize your vision without the team. You can’t see the light of success if the same light is not reflecting on the eyes of the people you share the table.Quintessential, is and will always be a strong blend of entrepreneurship, art and technology. A company fuelled with people that share the same vision and implementing it from different crucial angles. A company that deeply understands modern work methodologies, uses the latest and up to date tech out there and excels in delivering quality.



UX Engineer


Mobile Developer


Chatbot Specialist & Software Engineer


Junior Financial Analyst


Front End Developer


Front End Developer


Back End Developer


Junior Back End Developer

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