Product Design
man looking skeptical, with flower shirt , with facial hair
2020-07-31 :: 8 min read
Thanos Koutsoupas
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Junior UX Designer Starter Pack (2020)
So you want to get into the world of Design but don’t know where to start! Well, as a Junior UX Designer, I will give you some guidance based on my experience to help you get started. Research, read, listen....
Man with red jacket, black facial hair and glasses, Aggelos Afratis
2018-11-01 :: 9 min read
Aggelos Afratis
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Turning from a Food Safety Consultant to a Front end Developer and UX Engineer
With the words of a famous Dr. Geller, the secret is Pivot, Pivot, Pivot! Since my childhood in the 80s (I am 43 years old now) I was completely fascinated by the world of computers. It started when I saw...
Guy with black jacket, backpack, facial hair, Socrates Charisis
2018-09-03 :: 4 min read
Socrates Charisis
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This is Quintessential.
Years have passed from our very first start and engagement with technology and entrepreneurship. The journey is wonderful, challenging, and like everything, it has its ups and downs. As we know, dreams and life difficult decisions are always being shaped...