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2018-11-06 :: 5 min read
Socrates Charisis
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A Figma Community in Athens

Hello there, people!

Since Figma opened the doors for the launch of broader Figma communities in different cities, in Quintessential we are extremely excited and really focused on doing everything possible to bring that in Athens.

But first, and if you want to know more about why we love Figma, take a look at the reason why.

To get to know us, in Quintessential, we aim to deliver state-of-the-art software products for third-party stakeholders or in-house use. We chase perfection in business and commercial software and we really believe that throughout our development methods we can elevate the way software looks & feels, how the design should be done inside every company and how everyone in the industry realizes the importance of crafting experiences for humans.

Since our founding day, we use Figma Premium as we are a team of devoted Designers, each one well-trained in a specific field of Design.

textbook full of notes and a yellow pencil

Currently while working on our company’s projects we are also building our own Design System & UI Library, crafting our brand book, finalizing our digital presence and strategy, and striving for wonderful results.

Because of our deep responsibility in delivering excellent software, we believe that creating a strong community of designers, developers, and engineers in the field, great things will emerge.

Let me present some quick thoughts on why we need a Figma community in Athens.

1) Design Education

We have noticed that we are some of the few software companies in Greece that use a Design tool like Figma and some of the even fewer that actually use Figma. People, here, in the software market in Greece, are not that trained in crafting sustainable, well organized, and flexible Design systems for their projects.

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Some of them, design on tools like Photoshop or don’t design at all or they even lack an experienced team of Designers to lead that part of their business. Many companies rely on the complete Design process on people that are mainly coming from the marketing, business or even the HR sector. We really want to change that. We really want to train them and make them feel and deeply understand why Design should be a major part of their businesses.

2) More chances, better chances, everywhere!

We strongly believe that many people would benefit from a speed-networking event with design freelancers and organizations.

macbooks and human hands

From business executives to designers looking for a job, some workshops or events could bridge the gap between Supply and Demand. We can literally help people prove their skill and creativity and get a job for that!

3) Space for something unique.

In Athens, there aren’t many open and popular Design meetups and workshops. Talent, work ethic, passion, and creativity exists but a strong community is missing. Image the possibilities of bringing together such creative people and spreading the idea all around the city, the country, the world! We could do amazing things altogether.

4) A strong community

If we build a strong community of creative and passionate people now, tomorrow we will be able to address various problems around us and provide solutions that will help build a better place to live and work. We can think, brainstorm, work hard, and visualize the way our city our public services could be. Together we thrive.

building with neon sign

With Figma, we can present and provide solutions that will help elevate Athens in the digital era. What an opportunity!

5) Because we can.

Last but not least, we can do it! We can find and create a team of willing and extremely experienced designers to help build this up.

6) The startup effect.

In Athens, like anywhere else, startups are a trending thing. A lot of people start building their own business and strive for good things. I think that many startuppers and entrepreneurs would benefit from coming together with some real problem solvers, researchers, digital designers, product owners, and project managers. Great feedback on the actual idea, the revenue model, the User interface, and more can be born from some workshops and events held by Figma and that would be great. We can add extra value to other people’s startups now that they need it the most.

7) A . T . H

Athens. A city full of hidden spots that embrace design. A city of colors, art, architecture, and passion. A city where product designers thrive and finesse is flowing in the sky.

These are some of the basic things we want Figma in Athens. I’m sure we can think of a few more reasons why, in the near future! :)

If you are a designer from Greece or abroad, that want to help build this thing up in Athens, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you on this. We already contacted Figma and waiting for a response on this. We are super excited!

Let’s team up, brainstorm, and innovate!



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