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2018-09-03 :: 4 min read
Socrates Charisis
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This is Quintessential.

Years have passed from our very first start and engagement with technology and entrepreneurship. The journey is wonderful, challenging, and like everything, it has its ups and downs. As we know, dreams and life difficult decisions are always being shaped by moments of struggle and infinite devotion in solving real, big problems out there. Different people, experts on critical fields in the Tech and Business Industry, fueled by passion and armed with experience, skill, and devotion, join forces officially to strive for one, common goal. To create a Technology Company which produces and delivers excellent software products for private, in-house use, and third-party stakeholders.

A solution to a problem.

Quintessential is the solution to the permanent problem, of delivering indifferent software products in the modern age from the Fin-tech industry to the “Unicorn-startup” ecosystem. We aim in producing cutting-edge, state of the art, meaningful technology that stands out and pleases both people and businesses.

In Quintessential we deeply care about the stability of every product we develop from the User experience to the high-quality code and the excellent backend technological stacks we use. This is not just a statement. This is the answer to the market of cluttered, complex software.

In Quintessential we design and develop products that people will fall in love with.

The new process.

The process we follow, really helps everyone be sustainable and capable of innovating now and in the future. Monitoring and implementing with excellence the fate of the respective product keeps us and our clients aligned to the same goal. To deliver a state of the art product. The following graphic shows in general the methodology that Quintessential uses to excel in the tech industry.

Three main pillars of software development process in Quinteessential sft

The 3 main pillars of the software development process in Quintessential SFT.

Breaking it down a bit

Getting to some specific details, the whole process includes methodologies and techniques that are summarised below:

Blue logo that refers to design

  • Research. Starting by doing appropriate UX research regarding the product we are about to create, before the implementation.
  • Analyzing and deciding. Using the right tool every time.
  • Design thinking.
  • Prototyping.
  • Finalizing look and feel.

Blue logo that refers to development

  • Design to Development handoff.
  • Technology Stack finalization.
  • Backend architecture creation.
  • Frontend and backend implementation.

Blue logo that refers to consulting

  • How to excel in the market with the respective product. Innovating with features and business decisions.
  • How to design, deploy, and maintain your infrastructure, throughout the product development and production.
  • How new technologies can help your business reduce maintenance costs and grow.
  • How the products should feel and act in order to keep your customers happy, engaged, and always coming back.

Iterateuntil perfection:

  • User Testing
  • Feedback

Final outcome:

  • Exceptional Delivery.

* The process of consulting development and design is on a continuous loop throughout the holistic product development process.

Blue Battery with Quintessential's logo and a label that says build one, last forever

The stability of the software is part of our business. We follow a very specific approach in organizing, reviewing, testing, and maintaining our core development and design components, an approach that gets reflected in the final delivered products. Teaming up with the best developers and designers out there, makes the process easier, faster, and keeps the quality constantly getting better. No matter the product we decide to build, it will never let you down when the business is scaling.

The bigger the dream, the most important the team.

A business is nothing without the people who put on loads of work in the backstage. While the C table is working hard and defines the vision, it is the team that will shape the fate of the dream.

If the scope is to create a company that ensures quality, stability and stands as a facilitator and innovator in the industry, then you have to make sure, that the people that put work for that company, are all shining bright.

Blue chart pie and the tags are Quintessential , Design, Development and Business

You can’t realize your vision without the best team. You can’t see the light of success if the same light is not reflecting on the eyes of the people you share the table.

Quintessential, is and will always be a strong blend of entrepreneurship, art, and technology. A company comprised of people that share the same vision and implement it from different crucial angles. A company that deeply understands modern work methodologies, uses the latest and up to date tech out there and excels in delivering quality.

Yours sincerely,